Beginning Therapy - What is involved?

Beginning Therapy

The first session is an opportunity for you to meet with me to see whether you feel comfortable continuing. During this session we will be exploring the matters that made you decide to seek counselling and getting a sense of what direction we should go.

It is inevitable that you will feel very nervous talking to a stranger about very personal matters. If you feel this way, do raise it with me and we can talk about it.

As we explore the problem that prompted you to seek counselling we will also begin to talk about your past history - about your relationships with people significant to you in your life. This helps us to understand some of the patterns that have unfolded in your life over many years and to begin to think about the way these influence your choices in the present day.

After several sessions, when we have a clearer sense of what is needed, we will discuss the options that are available to you. For some people a few sessions will be sufficient. For others, a longer term approach is needed... you may find that you yourself will have an intuitive sense of what you need from therapy.

A quiet place, a neutral space